The yet to be released DJI Mavic Mini has leaked quite a bit over the past few weeks and as a result we’ve now got basically all the info on it all contained in this one piece!

DJI Mavic Mini Pictures
DJI Mavic Mini Leak Folded

First up are the pictures. These are official DJI images that have been leaked from a Chinese website that looks to have posted them too early. Serial leaker OsitaLV posted the below video showing the listing.

In it you can see the DJI Mavic Mini both folded and unfolded. While the pictures don’t really give a good idea of “size” we can assume it’s obviously smaller than the current Mavic 2 Pro or the original Mavic Pro.

While it’s hard to imagine them making it much smaller than the Mavic Pro (which basically fits in your hand/pocket folded up) the weight spec indicates it’ll be quite a bit smaller, almost like a phone.

We can also see what looks to be a 3-axis gimbal on the front with a cover as well as it’s signature folding design. There also looks to be at least front and side cameras for object avoidance.

UPDATE (24/10/2019): Even more “in hand” picture have come in thanks to DroneDJ

DJI Mavi Mini Leak In Hand
Showing the super small size of the Mavic Mini. Source: DroneDJ
DJI Mavi Mini Leak iPhone
The Mavic Mini next to an iPhone. Source: DroneDJ
DJI Mavic Mini Specs
DJI Mavic Mini Leak Flying

Specs for the drone are looking to be quite capable given it’s super small size and weight. Please keep in mind these are “leaked” specs so things may change once it’s released, but these do seem to be quite solid so far.

  • 249 grams weight
  • 170 x 125 x 55 mm (LxWxH) dimensions
  • 2.7K @ 60fps and 1080p @ 120fps
  • 3-axis gimbal 12MP camera system
  • 1/2.3″ camera sensor
  • 30 minutes flight time
  • 5 km (3.1 mile) range with controller
  • 50 km/h (31 mph) max speed

The size of this thing seems like it’s tiny! About the size of a “max” phone! For comparison, the Google Pixel 4 XL comes in at 160.4 x 75.1 x 8.2 mm. So it’s about as tall as a “XL” style phone (Samsung S10+, iPhone 11 Pro Max etc) and only 20 grams heavier than an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The current Mavic 2 Pro is 322×242×84 mm so it’s basically half the total size. Bonkers.

DJI Mavic Mini Price
DJI Mavic Mini Leak

Price is also well known for this and is coming in at $399 USD. When looking at the USA DJI store site we can see that the OSMO Pocket is already advertised for $399 USD so we can pretty safely assume it’ll be the same price globally as this. In Australia the OSMO Pocket goes for $599 AUD so it’s likely that that’s what the Mavic Mini will sell for too.

The only main question that remains is whether or not that $599 AUD price tag will include the remote controller or not. At a guess I would say “no”… but you never know!

DJI Mavic Mini Release Date

Finally the release date is believed to currently be October 30th which is next week. It’s uncertain right now whether it’ll be done at a dedicated event or just released on their website but we should know soon.

Either way the Mavic Mini looks to be available for this Christmas season which I think will make for a very compelling present at that (relatively) low price point.

The 245g weight also brings it in below many countries “weight limit” that requires you to have it registered. Countries like the USA, Canada and UK require you to register any drone “over 250g” for recreational use. It’ll be interesting to see whether they eventually reduce that weight limit in light of this new drone.

So what do you think of the DJI Mavic Mini? Will you be getting one this Christmas? It’s certainly looking like a super compelling – and stupid small/light – drone! Let us know in the comments below!

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