It’s not secret that AI, Neural Networking or Machine Learning is all the rage. From mobile phones to cars to everything in between, if your new product doesn’t have the words “AI” in it then it may as well be trash.

So Hot Right Now

However there have been many companies that have been pursuing AI for far longer than it’s been “cool”. In fact these are the same companies that have been instrumental in ushering in the AI onslaught that we’re witnessing now from everyone else.

Facebook have their Big Basin Machine Learning research. Baidu have their Institute of Deep Learning and Google have Tensor Flow. They also all contribute to open source code, programs and even courses to help new comers get into Machine Learning and AI.

Google has done this particularly well with their launch of Tensor Flow which is now easily the most used Machine Learning kit out there. Now though Google are going another step forward by announcing their new Learn With Google AI website and a new, 15 hour free online Machine Learning Crash Course (MLCC).

MLCC Stats

The new site promises to have an ever growing catalogue of courses published with the MLCC just being the first. It was in fact built from a course Google used to have their own employees take in order to get better acquainted with AI.

Learn With Google

Google has also been the most aggressive with Machine Learning, integrating it into literally everything that they do and actively pushing the boundaries forward on multiple fronts. From neural nets that can automatically label house numbers on maps from street view imagery to their world class language translation system.

HTBADLC Course Tile

If you’re interested in this new course by them I’d also recommend checking out our online course that teaches you exactly how to design, build and most importantly configure a complete Deep Learning computer from the ground up. Just like Google’s course, it’s 100% free too!

The course is also explicitly designed for setting up a Tensor Flow based Machine Learning computer so it will work excellently with Google’s courses now and in the future.

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