2016 was a bumper year for electric vehicles. With the debut of the Tesla Model 3, a new Nissan Leaf and more it’s good to stop and take a look at the Future Of EV. Continue on to see a handy infographic containing tons of great news for EV’s the world over!

Future Of EV

It’s very interesting to see all the countries as well as the car companies announcements all lined up next to each other. With so many announcements over the year it can get very hard to keep track of them all!

Regardless there’s clearly a huge shift swelling in all the major car companies and also major car markets. The big wild card at the moment is still China, which has fantastic current mandates but no long term goal. That should change soon though when they announce their regulation timetables.

If their current mandates are anything to go by, I think everyone is going to be shocked. China doesn’t do anything half-assed. Just look at how much Solar and Wind they’re deploying right now! On top of that it’s an incredibly serious issue for them given how bad their air pollution is. Exciting times ahead!

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Especially where I live in Australia there is a huge gap between the reality of EV’s and what the general public knows. That should hopefully change as the Tesla Model 3, new Nissan Leaf and other more prominent EV’s become more mainstream.

It’s easy to know nothing about EV’s but when someone you know drives one it really helps educate the public. Hopefully once more people see the fantastic benefits of EV’s it’ll speed everything up even more!

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