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We’ve Hit Peak Smartphone And Can Do Better

The specs sheet for the upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro just leaked and I'm kind of underwhelmed. This is exactly what happens when you chase ever diminishing returns, you pay higher price for smaller and smaller returns. We can and should hold tech companies to higher standards. So today I'd like to propose something different.

Choosing The Right Solar Installer For The Job

Paying off a mortgage is a long chore to do and there's really only two ways you can make it go quicker, cut back on your expenses or increase the amount of money you make and save. So today we're going to talk about earning more with solar and specifically how to make sure you chose the right installer for the job.

Tesla Could Make 15 Million Cars A Year By 2030

Given what we know about Elon Musk, Tesla's history, their current car line up and a few other bits of information Tesla is on track to massively scale up production and potentially take over the entire worlds car production by 2030.

What AI Can Teach The Human Race

Throughout all of human history there have been many sources of inspiration, however none of them have ever really had any type of intelligence other than our own. This has changed with AI and now, they're teaching us.

New Year Sale Now On! 75% Off!!

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When Technology Slows You Down

I firmly believe that everyone's future can be richer and happier when technology is used properly. "Properly" is the key word though. With the past 20 years+ worth of advanced technology pouring into everyone's lives it can easily become a problem rather than an advantage. So what can we do to ensure we're not being slowed down by our tech? How can we ensure that it's indeed making our future (and present) better?

Review: Samsung T5 SSD

Portable storage devices have come a long way since they first debuted over a decade ago. Since then the technology has improved and now we're able to cram 2 TB into something that's smaller than the size of a pack of cards. That's where the Samsung T5 SSD comes in which is what we're reviewing today!

Future Mobile Phones Of 2020

Two years ago I wrote a piece predicting what mobile phones in 2020 might look like. As 2020 is fast approaching let's review our predictions and also look at the next generation of smartphones coming out soon in 2020!

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 46

This week OpenAI posts their fully complete GPT-2 model, EFF wins a huge victory for travellers coming into the USA, Brave v1.0 launches, Gattaca is no longer science fiction and SpaceX nails yet another Starlink launch with a number of other firsts plus more!

The Impending Autonomous Car Shitstorm

Fully Self Driving (FSD) cars are coming, there's no question about that. The thing is, virtually no one seems to grasp just how much of an absolute shitstorm it's going cause when it all drops. So today let's look at what it will mean for your average person.

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 45

This week Google dumps $2.1 billion into Fitbit's pockets and buys them, Uber Eats releases some pretty pictures of their new delivery drone, SpaceX gets some awesome download speeds from space and Mobileye shows off their chops at their first Investors Summit.

Phone Battery Upgrades Are Coming!

Everyone hates having their phone battery die and for the most part the best money can buy is currently a battery around the 4,000 mAh mark. Luckily though it looks like things might be changing soon...

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 44

Another huge week in some of the biggest fields out there! Lightning payments get asynchronous with Lightning Rod, the largest private US coal company goes bankrupt, multiple huge medical breakthroughs are announced including the amazing Prime Gene Editing, DJI finally drops their Mavic Mini and more!

What Speed Will 5G LTE REALLY Be?

We all love our smartphones and the now well established 4G network that supports it, but will 5G really be that big a deal? I mean how much faster do we need? For that matter... how fast will 5G LTE really, actually get? Like in person on your phone in real world conditions?