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From Home Battery Energy Storage to AI to Self Driving Cars, explore some of the most cutting edge technologies and get up to speed on everything! We also have in depth looks into the future to see where core technologies like Smartphones or Drones will be going in the next 2-7 years, all free!


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2020 – The Year Core Technologies Advanced In Every Field

Many people are saying that 2020 is a giant, huge, stinking dumpster fire of a year and I honestly can't really disagree with that on many fronts. Today though I want to look to the brighter side of 2020, so let's dive in and see what's launched, why it's amazing and hopefully you too can agree that 2020 hasn't been all bad.

Why 2021 Will Shine Brighter Than Any Year Before

Excited about future tech? If you're reading this it's reasonably likely you are but in case you're not, today I'd like to double down and really dig into tech and "the future". Specifically I want to look to next year, 2021, and detail some specifics as from what I can tell, it's going to be a truly watershed moment in technology advancement.

The Top 3 Most Important Disruptions To Watch

The Coronavirus might be disrupting a lot of random things at the moment, but there's many other very important things you should be keeping an eye on too. These major disruptions are present in all fields all throughout the world but today we're going to focus a bit on the top three.

As A New Space Era Dawns, No One’s Paying Attention

Most people have heard of SpaceX, the company by Elon Musk that was the first to fly and land an orbital class rocket. However few people I talk to seem to have ever heard of their next rocket, the SpaceX Starship. That's a shame though as your really, REALLY should be paying attention to it!

Are You Communicating Efficiently?

After communicating a huge amount via digital mediums over the past 20+ years I thought it might be good to step back and take a look at what types work best when it comes to being more efficient day to day. Are you better of calling everyone? Using email or chatting on Signal? Let's fi

Our Tesla Model 3 Has Ruined All Other Cars, Here’s Why

After more than 6 months with our new Tesla Model 3 things are going swimmingly. Driving the car is fun and a fantastic experience every time. By far the best part though is Autopilot, driving itself on freeways, general roads and more totally flipped how we use our car and I can't go back.

The Corona Recession Means Permanently Higher Automation

US figures are showing there's been 30 million+ people applying for unemployment benefits in just 6 weeks. This has pushed their unemployment rate up to around 20%, almost as much as the Great Depression - which was 25% - and took about 3 years to reach. Many of those jobs will now be automated and disappear forever.

Zero Arrogance, Maximum Discipline

The past few months have been quite the wild ride. I've purposely avoided discussing COVID-19 to ensure I can read widely and assess everything thoroughly before writing about it in depth here. So today I want to focus on the economics impacts of it and hopefully help you better understand what's happening and going to happen.

Clean Meat Fixes This

As I'm sure many of you have noticed right about now, the outbreak of COVID-19 has everyone locked down. Economies are crumbling disturbingly quickly, companies are being bailed out left, right and centre and governments are releases "the biggest ever!" stimulus packages like they were those AOL CD's. Clean Meat fixes this.

We’ve Hit Peak Smartphone And Can Do Better

The specs sheet for the upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro just leaked and I'm kind of underwhelmed. This is exactly what happens when you chase ever diminishing returns, you pay higher price for smaller and smaller returns. We can and should hold tech companies to higher standards. So today I'd like to propose something different.

Choosing The Right Solar Installer For The Job

Paying off a mortgage is a long chore to do and there's really only two ways you can make it go quicker, cut back on your expenses or increase the amount of money you make and save. So today we're going to talk about earning more with solar and specifically how to make sure you chose the right installer for the job.

Tesla Could Make 15 Million Cars A Year By 2030

Given what we know about Elon Musk, Tesla's history, their current car line up and a few other bits of information Tesla is on track to massively scale up production and potentially take over the entire worlds car production by 2030.

What AI Can Teach The Human Race

Throughout all of human history there have been many sources of inspiration, however none of them have ever really had any type of intelligence other than our own. This has changed with AI and now, they're teaching us.

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When Technology Slows You Down

I firmly believe that everyone's future can be richer and happier when technology is used properly. "Properly" is the key word though. With the past 20 years+ worth of advanced technology pouring into everyone's lives it can easily become a problem rather than an advantage. So what can we do to ensure we're not being slowed down by our tech? How can we ensure that it's indeed making our future (and present) better?