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The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 14

Welcome to The Tipping Point, in this weeks issue the world goes 1/3rd renewables, Boston Dynamics announces two new robots, Elon Musk becomes CEO of Dogecoin and the EU ignores literally everyone and ruins the Internet!

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 10

Welcome to The Tipping Point, in this weeks issue Tesla drops its $35k Model 3 like it's hot, USB-IF goes insane and renames everything, Facebook lends a helping hand to scammers, MIT releases the cheetah and Bitcoin takes its next step with a Spark.

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 09

Welcome to The Tipping Point, the top breakthroughs and news from the most critical industries of the future all curated for you every week so you stay informed and prepared. No need to waste hours everyday researching, stay on top of it all with one post and then get back to doing what you do best.

Don’t Buy A 5G Phone Until 2020

In our previous piece on 5G LTE phones and when they will launch it was pretty clear that most networks will have at least one 5G phone on sale at some point this year, but should you buy it?

The Technology Forecaster

Forecasting the future is not an easy task. Countless people or analysis groups have gotten it horrendously wrong over the decades and with technology evolving faster and faster now it only makes the task harder.

New Years Resolutions Are Garbage

Welcome to the New Year everyone! So do people still do that thing with the new years resolutions anymore? Or is it just something all the news outlets crap on about because they think it's still a thing? I want to get rich! I want to exercise more! I want to blah blah blah... rubbish.

The Mavic 2 Zoom Alex Shoolman Guide

DJI had a huge hit on their hands with the original Mavic Pro, so it's no surprise they've followed it up with the incredible Mavic 2 Zoom. Take a look as we dig into all the new features, why it's different to the original and why it looks to once again dominate the consumer drone market space for a long time.

The Mavic 2 Pro Alex Shoolman Guide

DJI had a huge hit on their hands with the original Mavic Pro, so it's no surprise they've followed it up with the incredible Mavic 2 Pro. Take a look as we dig into all the new features, why it's different to the original and why it looks to once again dominate the consumer drone market space for a long time.

The Tesla Powerwall 2 Alex Shoolman Guide

Tesla is mostly known for their amazing electric cars, however they're also big in Home Battery Energy Storage, especially here in Australia. In this piece we're going to do a deep dive into the Tesla Powerwall 2, why it's so popular, it's good and bad points and most importantly, whether or not you should buy one!

Home Battery Storage Of The Future – 2018-2020 Predictions

Home Battery Energy Storage has absolutely crashed into the market over the past 2-3 years, especially here in Australia. While there's also big news happening in the EV world, in this piece we'll be focusing on how batteries are impacting the Home Energy market and also where things look to be going in the future.

The Ultimate 5G LTE Guide

Your shiny new phone most certainly comes with 4G LTE inside it along with all those other G's. You may have also started hearing about 5G with various networks around the world starting to roll out the very earliest iterations of it. As this blog believes that everyone's future can be richer, happier and more efficient - especially with mobile technology - we'd be at a loss not talking about 5G and making sure you're fully up to speed with it!

The Latest In AI News

It’s been a while since I last reviewed some of the more interesting AI pieces of tech out there. So today I thought I’d do a quick overview for everyone to help catch up a Read more…

Clean Meat Coming This Year

What is Clean Meat? Why should you care that it's coming? We dig into this fascinating new technology that has the potential to save animals, feed the hungry and even help save the world from climate change.

Google AI Levels Up Retinal Scans

Diabetic Retinopathy is something we've already covered in detail but now Google has released information on the work they've been doing which takes things even further.

SpaceX To Turn Rockets Into Planes

SpaceX has just launched and landed their brand new Falcon 9 Block 5 upgrade rocket. We look into why this upgrade matters and the amazing demonstration they've got planned for next year.

AI Steps In To Make Eye Specialist (Less) Relevant

A new diagnostic device has not only been created, but also already approved by the FDA for use in America. This is an AI that can detect a "greater than a mild level of the eye disease diabetic retinopathy in adults who have diabetes" according to the FDA.