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The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 41

In this weeks Tipping Point we see 3D printing at the nanoscale accelerate 1000 fold, Encryption comes under government threat world wide, Google finally starts to roll out their colorizing AI, the DJI Mavic Mini leaks, even US energy giants are talking up renewables and more!

The Case For A Tesla AutoPilot Game

A new AutoPilot Game overlay feature on the main Tesla map could not only help Tesla develop their AutoPilot system faster, but reward owners for helping to gather the data and make AutoPilot handle their local suburbs better in the process.

Why Do We Need 5G LTE?

There's a growing swell of talk about 5G this and 5G that but 4G data speeds are pretty good, especially here in Australia. So why do we need 5G LTE? Plus how is 5G LTE better than 4G?

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 40

This past week has been an explosion of tech with the new Surface Duo and Neo, Tesla's huge V10 software update, Skydio finally launching their second generation drone and more. We've also got great news with China shutting down huge amounts of coal plants, the OnePlus 7T going official and trials confirming that senolytics really works in humans.

SpaceX’s Mark 1 Starship Is An Absolute Unit

This evening at a private event SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed their not-so-secret Starship Mark 1 design. On display behind him dwarfing their very first Falcon 1 rocket, the 50 metre high rocket looks like an absolute beast. If things run to schedule, Musk wants to have it fly to orbit in the next 6 months!

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 39

Some great future tech released this past week with a gorgeous, fully wrap around screen phone by Xiaomi, Impossible Foods meat is now on sale in stores, AI takes on Earthquakes, Boston Dynamics officially releases their Spot robot and a landmark change in transport with Daimler announcing they're stopping development of combustion engines.

Our New Tesla Model 3 – First Impressions

Yes that's right. Taking delivery of one of the first Tesla Model 3's in Australia we drove away from our delivery appointment last Thursday in our own Batmobile. After a week of driving, playing, poking and learning I thought I'd give a few quick first impressions.

Fighting Climate Change Doesn’t Require Moonshot Ideas

Climate Change is a big, huge, very serious issue that virtually everyone is now essentially numb to. But there's a growing problem I've seen more and more over the years in the general media, the idea that to "fight" or "solve" Climate Change we need some huge, outlandish Moonshot idea. That's rubbish.

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 38

This week we get a fantastic, in depth look at a company doing actual, real Fusion. There's also some fascinating work done by OpenAI, France/Germany blocking Libra, things getting blacker than black plus a bunch of fossil and EV transport goodies!

How Disruptive Tech Will Forever Change Your Life

There's been a lot of disruption that has occurred over the last two decades and even more that's happening now. So today we're looking at what the biggest disruptive technologies out there are and how they will change your future day to day life.

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 37

Tons of fantastic news this week with AI creating it's first drug, Facebook hilariously expecting people to trust it with a dating service, Australia's main grid hitting 41% renewables, heaps of new EVs released plus a new study showing for the first time in humans that ageing may be reversible! And more!

The Ultimate Tesla USB Drive Solution

So you've ordered or already have your sweet Tesla. Then you realise that you need a USB drive solution for it. Maybe you want to store 100 GB of (legal) music on it, maybe you want to use Sentry Mode or the Dashcam features? Either way you're going to need a good, proper solution so read on!

What You’ll Get With Your Australian Model 3

Currently there are thousands of Australians that are eagerly waiting to receive their new Tesla Model 3's all over the country. So what can you expect on the delivery day? What will come or not come with your Model 3? After a lot of poking around and pestering Tesla we got some interesting answers.

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 36

This week we get a bunch of awesome news and leaks with specs of the OnePlus 7T coming out, new telepresence robots, microprocessors made out of carbon nanotubes and an update on when you'll first ride in a flying car!

Google Dropped Android 10!

Google has just today dropped the final, official Android 10 update. While it doesn't have a cool dessert name anymore, it does have a number of awesome new features which is great!

Long Term Review: OnePlus 7 Pro

Back in June I picked up the OnePlus 7 Pro. Now after over two months of using it as my daily driver I thought I'd be in a good place to offer my thoughts on any longer term observations as well as my final verdict.

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 34

In this weeks Tipping Point we look at China's effort to rule CRISPR, a fantastic new "forest" replacement, the upcoming date for SpaceX's Starship update and how Australian EV's will soon make sounds for safety reasons.

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 20

Welcome to The Tipping Point, in this weeks issue OnePlus drops the 7 Pro with eye watering specs and great price, Bitcoin flies to the Moon together with Jeff Bezos' new plans and VW's servers crash as they launch their new ID.3 hatchback.

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 17

Welcome to The Tipping Point, in this weeks issue our major news is about Tesla's new FSD "v3" computer. They released a huge amount of new info on it and clearly demonstrated a very sizeable lead over other companies.

The Tipping Point – 2019 Week 16

Welcome to The Tipping Point, in this weeks issue the world's first image of a black hole is released, SpaceX lands 3 boosters in a row, drone deliveries officially launch and a human heart that beats gets 3D printed.