While this will most certainly be a big over simplification, Web 1.0 is generally seen as the start of the Internet. It involved mostly static web pages full of information that you couldn’t edit or really interact with, just read. There were a bunch of search engines and browser wars as the Internet in general developed. Web 2.0 amped it up a bit with things becoming “social”. We got new sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where you can now comment, upload your own images/videos and even have it customise the page to your preferences, despite this putting you in an information bubble.

Web 3.0 – along with 1.0 and 2.0 – has many different definitions by many different people. That being said, a very general consensus for Web 3.0 seems to indicate that it will involve the websites basically “understanding what you want” whether you tell it to them in text or speech via AI. Another big component of it will be things like Blockchain technology, decentralisation, interoperability via universal protocols, enhanced privacy and cryptocurrency (mainly Bitcoin) which is mainly what I’ll be focusing on today.

While it would take far too long to go into depth about each of the below new sites / apps, I did wanted to collate them and put them out there for those that might not be aware of them already. Some are in beta and require signing up to a wait list. Some are fully functional and have been for years. Others are pretty damn polished, but are still only scratching the surface of whats possible with their platform.

The Crypto Era
Source: Placeholder Thesis Summary

For me personally, I think a Web 3.0 website should absolutely be fully decentralised and owned by its users. This isn’t the case with all of the Web 3.0 apps below, but Bisq is an excellent example of this that I’ve touched on before. There is no CEO or company or shareholders. There are no servers in data centres or code running on AWS in the cloud. Instead Bisq works by running on your machine locally and communicating from your computer to another persons computer. Everything is encrypted (3 times) as it’s routed over Tor and your personal data is only sent when it needs to be, nothing more. When enough Bisq users want to take the app in a new direction or grow a new feature they all vote on it and if successful, the feature is implemented by software developers from around the world. Those developers are then paid by the users for their work. All of this is handled by the program, no one else.

The users of the program guide the programs direction and help pay for its development and growth not a select few programmers in Silicon Valley. There are no conflicts between users who want privacy and shareholders who want to maximise profits by selling user data. There are no giant databases of valuable data all organised in one spot waiting to get hacked. There are no middle men taking 30% cuts so the entire process is done as cheaply as it possibly can. The user experience is tailored explicitly to making the program as good as it can be for the users instead of optimising it for clicks or likes. It’s just all around better!

So have a look at some of the new programs listed below and see what you think. Many of them allow you to not only get a better user experience, but also profit simply by using the platform and helping it grow. If you have any examples you know of that aren’t in the list below, let us know in the comments below!

ServiceWeb 2.0Web 3.0
Web BrowserChrome / Edge / SafariBrave
Private MessagingWhatsApp / Signal / TelegramSphinx (Bitcoin)
Interest AccountsING / CommBankAtomic Finance (Bitcoin)
POS SystemsVisa / MastacardBreez (Bitcoin)
Fiat / Crypto ExchangeTravelex / BinanceBisq
Music / PodcastsSpootify / iTunesAudius
File StorageGoogle Drive / Drop BoxSia / Skynet / Storj / IPFS
Content / Social NetworkingFacebook / WordPressSteemit
Video StreamingYouTubelbry.tv / D.tube
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