Currently you can easily pull up a browser on any Tesla Model 3 and surf the internet so long as you’re parked. It’s a great feature and a pretty decent, fully fledged browser too.

However it’s not quite full screen. It only covers 2/3rds of full screen, the same that the maps or other apps like music or controls covers. This can be… annoying for sites like Google Docs, Maps or even something like Plex.

You’ve got a big, awesome 15″ screen! Of course you want to browse full screen and you definitely can with this quick work around.

Step 1: Launch YouTube

Open the Tesla Theatre app as shown above and click on the YouTube icon. This will bring up a full screen web page of YouTube as seen below. So we’ve already got a “full screen browser” but zero address bar to go to the sites you want.

Step 2: Manage Your Account

If you haven’t logged into your Google Account then click on the top right “SIGN IN” button. If you are already logged in then you’ll see your account icon up there. Click it to have YouTube show you the above menu options. From here click “Manage your Google Account” at the top of the menu.

Step 3: Browse The Web Full Screen!

Once you’ve landed on the Google Account page you’ll have access to the all important “9 dots” icon up the top right. Pressing that allows you to access any of the Google apps like Search, Maps, Drive, Keep, Calendar, Photos etc.

With the Search button you can get to and search for anything you want.

You can go to the Maps app and see traffic or satellite imagery if you usually don’t have access to that (SR+ owners don’t have Premium Interior so don’t get access to it).

Or if you’re really wanting to go to some specific websites all the time you can click on the “Keep” button, create a new “note” with all your favourite websites in it (a Bookmark manage if you will) and just use that to jump around where ever you please!

Hacky, But Quick And It Works

This obviously isn’t the best user experience and probably not how Tesla intended the Theatre area to be used. But hey, it works, it’s quick and it’s pretty simple. As they say, it’s not stupid if it works!

Using this easy work around you can even get to Plex TV to stream and play whatever things you want in full screen mode just like through YouTube or Netflix. Just get to the website (via Google search or a link saved in Google Keep) and login / launch the web interface.

You can run your own custom built websites full screen whenever you choose or just kill some time while you’re supercharging.

Whatever you’re doing hopefully this helps a few owners out there and maybe in the next software update Tesla will just add in a “full screen” button to the proper browser so it’s even easier.

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