We’ve covered self-driving cars as well as Waymo specifically before but this new video from them gives a fantastic experience and description of how exactly fully autonomous cars are simply leaps and bounds safer than us humans.

Available in both 4K and 360 degrees VR the video is not only incredibly immersive but very informative too. Detailing not only the various technology that self driving cars are employing but why they’re used.

Most people out there know of self driving cars and that they’re “coming soon” but inherently don’t trust them as they don’t really understand how they work. This can cause problems when discussions come up as they tend to instantly go on the defensive.

It’s no secret that most people fear what they don’t understand and when you’re talking about a technology that has the potential to take over millions of jobs worldwide and cause a huge change in how we get around, how we use land and much more it’s no surprise that the general public can become rather fearful of it all.

Waymo starts by covering some of the basic technology that makes up the car and explaining it in a simple, straight forward way. But more importantly it gives visual CGI aids to help really drive home the point – pun intended.

Waymo Radar

This CGI overlay builds up and up until they demonstrate what the car “sees” in an intersection.

Waymo Prediction

Then they really amp things up by pointing out that their cars can do this for hundreds of metres in all directions. Something humans could obviously never hope to achieve.

Waymo Overview

Personally I can’t wait for fully autonomous cars to descend and take over. Many think that it’ll completely remove the driver from the picture but I suspect it’ll simply make driving much more enjoyable.

Imagine being able to drive the fun parts of your commute or out on the open road with the sun shining. Then, when you inevitably hit that bunch of traffic or boringly slow part you just push a button and the car takes over. You relax, pull out your phone and read the latest post from Alex Shoolman, Mutilate The Mortgage or Drive Zero. All while the car handles the more dangerous and tedious parts of driving. So relaxing!

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