When you buy a newly released product you don’t expect anything special. You get the product a bit earlier than everyone else but that’s about it. Tesla is of course different though and has promised “something special” for the early Tesla Model 3 reservation holders.

We haven’t heard much more since then regarding it despite heavy speculation. There’s been requests ranging from free Autopilots to free downloadable content. Apparently though Tesla are still trying to figure it out.

Something Special For Tesla Model 3 Holders


A Second Something Special

Way back in June 2016 Tesla sent out something special to all early backers. It was a simple printed design mockup and thank you note. I still have mine perched on a book cabinet! However if Elon’s above comment is anything to go by there’s still more.

This second “something special” will need to be distributed to around 100,000 people. As such it’s unlikely to be anything overly expensive. It also means it’s more likely to be a digital item or very small physical object. This could be a special badge given the Tesla Model 3 is badgeless. Others have speculated it could be free Supercharger credits. If the earlier holders are really lucky it could even be a free upgrade to Enhanced Autopilot!

Back To Reality

model 3 s curve

Given the over 100,000 reservation holders it seems most likely to be a digital item. Even small physical items at that scale can quickly cost millions. This isn’t even taking into account the manufacturing and shipping of them. Note that the Tesla Model 3 is made up of over 10,000 individual parts. I highly doubt that Elon wants to add to the production hell they’re already in!

The best suggestion I’ve seen so far though is “An Artificial Elon bot that lives in your car computer system” 😀 What do you think they will end up delivering? A physical item or digital? Something meaningful or just a fun joke?

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