Now officially the Australian prices for the Tesla Model 3 haven’t been released yet even though it’s already arrived. Let me be clear that what transpires below are my own estimates only! That being said the below estimates are as accurate as possible. I’ve also provided the reasoning behind how I came to the amounts. This will hopefully help justify them instead of me just pulling numbers out of my ass.To start with I’ll list all the Tesla Model 3 prices and then explain how I got each number.

  • Tesla Model 3 Standard = $54,212 AUD
  • Tesla Model 3 Long Range = $68,153 AUD
  • Any Paint Option = $1,450 AUD
  • 19″ Wheel Option = $2,200 AUD
  • Premium Upgrades Package = $7,300 AUD
  • Enhanced Autopilot = $7,300 AUD ($8,800 AUD if upgraded after delivery)
  • Full Self-Driving Capability = $4,400 AUD ($5,900 AUD if upgraded after delivery)

This means a base Tesla Model 3 Standard with Red Paint costs $54,212 + $1,450 = $55,662. This base cost is before including any Local Stamp Duty, Local Registration Costs, Local CTP and potentially Luxury Car Tax if your base cost goes over $75,500.

Calculating Tesla Model 3 Costs

White Tesla Model 3

This is actually the most complicated part and also the most uncertain. However the best way to estimate the prices is to use Tesla’s own configuration prices for the USA/Aus Model S and then scale them for the lower numbers. An absolute base Tesla Model S in the USA costs $69,500 USD while in Australia it costs $107,650. That’s not including any taxes or other costs, just what Tesla charges the various countries for that vehicle.

From this we can calculate a sort of “Tesla Currency Conversion Rate” which equals $69,500 / $107,650 = $0.6456. This is the ratio that includes not only USD to AUD currency conversion but also the costs Tesla has in terms of shipping the car, delivering it, their store costs, markup etc. For comparison the current AUD/USD currency conversion rate is $0.7986. From this special Tesla currency conversion rate we can calculate each of the car costs:

  • Model 3 Standard = $35,000 USD Price / $0.6456 = $54,212 AUD
  • Model 3 Long Range = $44,000 USD Price / $0.6456 = $68,153 AUD

Calculating Tesla Model 3 Options

Options pricing is far easier to calculate. This is because we can see what they are on the live Tesla Model S configure page. For example we can see below that the “Paint” options cost $1,000 USD according to the USA Tesla Model 3 configuration page from Electek.

Tesla Model 3 Configurator


According to the USA Model S configuration page Paint costs $1,000 USD. Therefor it’s pretty safe to assume the Australian price will be the same as the Australian Model S configuration page, which is $1,450 AUD.

Doing this for all the other options we get the above numbers. It’s also been confirmed (see image below) that Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Capability features will cost the same as they do on the Model S. This also means they’ll cost the same in Australia as what they do on the Australian Model S configuration page ($7,300 AUD and $4,400 AUD respectively).

Tesla Model 3 Configurator


Drive Away Costs

All the above costs are the base costs. They also don’t include any Local Stamp Duty, Local Registration Costs, Local CTP and potentially Luxury Car Tax if your base cost goes over $75,500. These taxes vary from state to state and also depend on what the base price is. As such I can’t do all the calculations for all the different combinations. Once you’ve decided on your base car and options add them all up together. From there add the following to get your final “Drive Away” cost:

  1. Local Registration Costs (anywhere from $204 in NT to $773 in VIC)
  2. Local CTP (anywhere from $598 in NSW to $318 in TAS)
  3. Local Stamp Duty (depends on the price of the base cost and which state you live in)
  4. Luxury Car Tax (depends on the price of the base cost and applies with base costs over $75,500)

So for an absolute base Tesla Model 3 Standard with no options and bought in VIC you’d be looking at $56,267 AUD drive away.

How Does It Compare?

Red Tesla Model 3

Red always goes faster 😉

The Tesla Model 3 is a gorgeous car and classed as a luxury sedan car. To compare, a base model BMW 320i costs $68,607 drive away in Victoria. Meanwhile the Audi A4 would set you back $61,759 drive away. A lot of people compare the Model 3 to the wrong cars such as the GM Bolt or the Nissan Leaf. Sure, they’re all electric but really the Model 3 is a proper, premium luxury car. It’s just more advanced and cheaper than the competition apparently! 😀

So what options will you be getting? I can’t decide between the red and the blue paint myself but I’m sure the Standard range will do us just fine!

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