Tesla has just released the first details on what Model 3 accessories and upgrades will be available here in Australia. In an online brochure they not only outlined what will be released here but for how much too.

Vehicle Accessories

Tesla Model 3 Interior Accessories

Looking through the entire brochure one thing is suspiciously absent. Floor mats for all the SR+ owners who don’t get them included with the car. They do list the Frunk Carpet Mat for $50 AUD, but given I was explicitly told by a Tesla rep only a few days ago that they’d be available to order on the delivery day it seems strange they’re not there.

That being said there are a number of other great accessories available such as (all prices in AUD):

  • $700 – Silver Wall Connector (2.5 or 7 m cable)
  • $460 – Automatic Garage Opener
  • $120 – All-Weather Front Trunk Cargo Mat
  • $180 – All-Weather Rear Trunk Cargo Mat
  • $20 – Micro USB Phone Charging Cable
  • $22 – Lightning + USB-C Phone Charging Cable
  • $50 – Front Trunk Carpet Mat
  • $115 – Front Glass Roof Sunshade
  • $135 – Rear Glass Sunshade Package
  • $105 – Roadside Safety Kit
  • $470 – Indoor Car Cover
  • $545 – Outdoor Car Cover

Based on the Australian prices given here and the US equivalent, I’d estimate that when they do finally start selling the Model 3 Carpet Interior Mats here they should retail for around $130-$135 AUD. Personally I’m wanting to pick up the All Weather Floor Liners as they look fantastic!

It’s also good to see they’ve got the sunshades available to purchase as we’re only a couple of months away from things starting to really heat up here in Australia so they may be needed.

Vehicle Upgrades

Tesla Model 3 Exterior Upgrades

Moving onto the pricier “upgrades” section we have one wheel package along with roof racks which I know a lot of people are very interested in. We also have:

  • $700 – Roof Rack
  • $160 – 19″ Pewag RS 77 Snow Chain
  • $160 – 18″ Pewag Sport RSS 76 Snow Chain
  • $4,870 – 19″ Sport Wheel and Winter Tire Package
  • $70 – Wheel Lock Set
  • $70 – 18″ Aero Wheel Cap Kit
  • $130 – Tire Repair Kit
  • $37 – Tire Repair Sealant
  • $38 – Key Card

The prices all seem to be reasonably steep – such as for the Aero Wheel Cap Kit – but some items you just can’t get anywhere else like the replacement Key Cards.

Hopefully this is just the first wave of accessories and upgrades to be released but regardless it’s a good whack of them to begin with.

If you want to learn more about the items and where you can order them from check out the full brochure here or their official US version store here.

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