Home Battery Storage in Australia is already shaping up to be big business but according to Bloomberg 2018 was nothing!

Their latest report expects that, driven by $147 million dollars in state government subsidies we’ll install an additional 70,000 battery systems during 2019. While that number is a far cry from the 2 million+ solar systems already installed on Aussie roofs it’s still impressive by world standards.

Collectively it’ll mean Australia will make up around 30% of the entire global battery demand. Not bad for a population of 24 million!

This tripling of installations is mainly led by South Australia’s huge Virtual Power Plant project. That new virtual power plant of potentially 250 megawatts, is designed to:

  • Lower energy prices
  • Increase grid stability
  • Provide protection during a grid outage
  • Increase customers’ visibility of their energy use
  • Support South Australia’s transition to a renewables-based economy.

The full program could be rolled out to 24,000 more public housing properties and 25,000 private properties from mid-2019.


The Rest Of Australia

Tesla Battery Diagram

The remaining estimated 20,000 storage systems will likely be installed throughout Australia, although there could also be a heavy focus on Victoria given they too have a 50% battery subside for up to 10,000 homes.

Labor Government will provide half price solar batteries for 10,000 Victorian households that already have solar panels to help them save even more on their electricity bills.

Under the scheme, homeowners can get a 50 per cent rebate for installation of a battery storage unit, capped at $4,838 in the first year.

From State To Federal

Tesla Powerwall Home 2

If the Federal Labor Government also wins the upcoming election it could even further push the numbers up in 2020. They’re currently proposing a $200 million dollar subside for 100,000 households from 2020.

Either way, with a huge number of households already having considerably good deals available right now it’s not hard to see why many will choose to add a battery system to their solar.

If you’re one of the lucky ones living in SA or VIC check out their respective subside pages above and also have a read up of our Home Battery Energy Storage Guide or fantastic comparison table below!

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