Australian Electric Vehicle Comparison Table
Compare all the current Australian EV’s in the one place, easily!

Battery Electric Vehicles (or just EV’s) haven’t really taken off here in Australia… yet. Unfortunately we’re about 5 years behind every other major area like the US, Europe or China who have all embraced EV’s en mass. Over there they are selling in the hundreds of thousands already with dozens of models from all the major players and at much more competitive prices. They even have fantastic EV rebates in many locations!

Fortunately though things are just now starting to move a bit down under since a number of major car manufacturers launched their first (or 3rd) EV in 2019. As such it’s actually getting tough to keep track of them all! It’s even harder to easily compare them together as a whole to see how they stack up against each other. As such the Australian Electric Vehicle Comparison Table was born!

Below you’ll find all the major cars that are currently available for purchase right now in Australia. In the table we cover everything from drive away price to range to charging rates so check it out!

Electric Vehicle Comparison Table

Tesla Model 3Tesla Model STesla Model XHyundai IoniqHyundai KonaRenault ZoeNissan LeafBMW i3 120AhJaguar I-Pace
Tesla Model 3 Comparison Table ImageTesla Model S Comparison Table ImageTesla Model X Comparison Table ImageHyundai Ioniq Electric Comparison Table ImageHyundai Kona Electric Comparison Table ImageRenault Zoe Intens Comparison Table ImageNissan Leaf Comparison Table ImageBMW i3 Comparison Table ImageJaguar I Pace Comparison Table Image
Drive Away Cost (NSW):SR+: $72,896
Long Range: $95,495
Performance: $106,415
Long Range: $148,730
Performance: $174,665
Long Range: $161,015
Performance: $185,585
Elite: $52,936
Premium: $57,136
Elite: $65,170
Highlander: $69,895
$54,175$54,492i3 120Ah: $74,795
i3s 120Ah: $76,055
S: $129,926
SE: $141,686
HSE: $152,816
Battery Size:SR+: 50 kWh's
LR: 75 kWh's
Perf: 75 kWh's
100 kWh's100 kWh's38.3 kWh's64 kWh's41 kWh's40 kWh's42 kWh's90 kWh's
WLTP Range:SR+: 413 km's
LR: 557 km's
Perf: 557 km's
LR: 610 km's
Perf: 590 km's
LR: 505 km's
Perf: 485 km's
311 km's449 km's298 km's270 km's310 km's440 km's
0-100 km/h:SR+: 5.6 sec
LR: 4.6 sec
Perf: 3.4 sec
LR: 3.8 sec
Perf: 2.6 sec
LR: 4.6 sec
Perf: 2.9 sec
9.9 sec7.6 sec14.5 sec8.9 seci3 120Ah: 7.3 sec
i3s 120Ah: 6.9 sec
4.8 sec
Top Speed:SR+: 225 km/h
LR: 232 km/h
Perf: 261 km/h
LR: 250 km/h
Perf: 250 km/h
LR: 250 km/h
Perf: 250 km/h
165 km/h167 km/h135 km/h157 km/h150 km/h200 km/h
Max AC Charge Rate:11 kW11 kW11 kW7.2 kW7.2 kW22 kW7 kW11 kW7 kW
Max DC Charge Rate:SR+: 110 kW
LR: 250 kW
Perf: 250 kW
200 kW200 kW100 kW100 kWNone50 kW50 kW80 kW
Last updated: 20th November, 2019. Please also note that while we try our best, there may be some errors or some points that are not 100% up to date.

Other Considerations

Now there’s a lot of information there so here are some pointers to help you make sense of it all. To start with, many of the cars in the list aren’t in the same class such as the Model S (a luxury car) and the Renault Zoe (a non-luxury small hatch). As such the prices, range and performance are of course going to all be completely off.

As more and more cars are released we’ll start to see competition within each of the vehicle classes. We’re already starting to see this like with the Model X and Jaguar I-Pace. These are two luxury SUV’s that are both being sold to a similar audience. As such a direct comparison makes sense.

Furthermore when looking over the specs be mindful that you may not need as long a range as you think given EV’s can charge overnight at home. This means you can own a Hyundai Ioniq that has a smaller range of 278 km’s but wake up every morning with that full range ready to go.

Just The Beginning

As you can no doubt tell, all these stats are a great place to start, but they by no means give you a clear answer on what to buy. To get to that, it’s recommended that you take a look in our Electric Vehicle section and read up more on the specific car.

Be sure to also head over to the manufactures website itself and read up a little on what it looks like on the inside, the different features and packages they offer and so on. If you appreciate the research we do and are thinking of buying a Tesla you can also use our referral code and get free Supercharger km’s too!


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