Currently there are thousands of Australians that are eagerly waiting to receive their new Tesla Model 3’s all over the country. Some are getting the top of the line, Performance edition while others (like us) are getting the Standard Range Plus version.

Either way what can you expect on the delivery day? What will come or not come with your Model 3? After a lot of poking around and pestering Tesla we got some interesting answers.

The Delivery Day

To find out exactly what type of experience you’ll be going through on the big delivery day isn’t that hard. In fact, Tesla has already posted a full 10 minutes long video below reenacting exactly what will go on. One thing to be aware of though before you watch it… the acting is quite cringe worthy!

It does give a really good overview though and I’d highly recommend watching it if you’re a soon to be owner. At the very least it will allow you to do/look at other things on the day and not “miss” anything of what they’re saying.

Floor Mats?

Tesla Model 3 Carpet Mats

Next up I wanted to know whether or not we’d be getting floor mats with our SR+ Model 3 or if we’d have to buy them. While there’s a huge amount of 3rd party places that sell Model 3 specific floor mats… we drive on the wrong side of the road down under here and so all those options are useless being for LHD models.

After speaking directly with sales staff at Tesla, they have confirmed that whether or not you get floor mats will depend on what model you bought.

  • Standard Range Plus: No mats included
  • Long Range: Mats are included
  • Performance: Mats are included

I must admit that it’s a bit of a lame move to sell a car that starts at about $70,000 AUD drive away… and not include mats for the SR+ model. That being said the Tesla rep did point out that SR+ owners will be able to order the mats during their delivery day if they want to.

Apparently Australia is getting a number of Model 3 specific accessories for Tesla to sell, but they don’t know which ones they’ll be getting exactly just yet and they also haven’t arrived either.

My guess, based off the US price of the carpet mats, is that the Australian price should be around the $160+ range. Then again it might be as high as $200 if Tesla wants to add the always lovely “Australian Tax”.

Wall Connector?

Tesla Wall Connector

One thing Tesla did confirm is that all Model 3 owners will be getting a Tesla High Powered Wall Connector included with their car. This can be installed at your home to charge your Tesla and is a great addition for them to include.

This will come in the boot of your new Tesla Model 3 on delivery day just like you get with Model S and X. You will still have to pay for a proper electrician to install it though which can be around $800+ depending on the type of install you get.

The Wall Connector can charge up to 7.2 kW on a normal, single phase Australian home which will give you around 35 km’s of range per hour.

Other Accessories?

Tesla Model 3 Roof Racks

As mentioned Australia will eventually be getting Model 3 specific accessories once more Model 3’s are officially delivered over the course of September.

Once those accessory shipments have come in Tesla says you’ll be able to call up the services department of the Tesla store closest to you and request accessories.

On their US Tesla Store website here you can see all the potential Model 3 specific accessories they currently sell. Whether or not we’ll be getting all of these is unknown yet, but all you need to do is find your part and call up and order.

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