Tesla is rolling out a new OTA update to their fleet today with the release of version 2022.16.0.2. With the latest (non-FSD Beta build) version being 2022.12.x.x, this is a decently sized update, weighing in at around 1.7GB total download size, but unfortunately doesn’t include many exciting things. These were the updates from a Model 3 (2019) located in Australia and a Mode S 85 (2013) located in USA.

Driver Profiles Linked To Media Player Accounts

Tesla 2022.16.0.2 Release Notes Driver Profiles

Driver Profiles: Media player accounts (e.g. Spotify login) are now linked to your driver profile. Simply log into your media account while your driver profile is selected.

Improved Navigation Energy Prediction

Tesla 2022.16.0.2 Release Notes Navigation Energy Prediction

The trip planner is now improved to take into account things like forecasted winds, humidity and temperature when calculating range and stops.

Navigation Energy Prediction: Energy prediction for your route has been improved by incorporating forecasted crosswind, headwind, humidity and ambient temperature when using online navigation.

Regenerative Braking

For Model 3 and Model Y: Your vehicle can now automatically apply regular brakes for consistent deceleration when regenerative braking is limited due to battery temperature or state of charge. To enable, tap Controls > Pedals & Steering > Apply Brakes When Regenerative Braking Is Limited.


China only: TeslaMic performance has been improved, reducing the latency for a more seamless Caraoke experience.

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