The Ultimate Guide To Building A Deep Learning Computer Cover

I’m happy to announce the availability of a fantastic new free course today. Best of all you can take it right now!

Intro to Building A Deep Learning Computer is free course. All you have to do is head over to the new COURSES section of the website. There you will see more and more free and paid courses pop up over time. For now though you can get this first course for free and start learning straight away.

The new course is perfect for anyone wanting to start out in Deep Learning. There are heaps of great tutorials telling you what Machine Learning is. Not so many teaching you how to design and configure your own computer for it.

Free Tool Benefits

  • Learn why GPUs are so important in Deep Learning and how many you’ll really need
  • Get a full list of core rules to follow when designing your computer
  • See why certain components matter and some don’t
  • Run through a real life example of how to design a Deep Learning computer, step-by-step
  • Save yourself weeks of time with detailed configuration steps
  • Take the confusion out of which packages you should install
  • Get exact console commands to configure each required core deep learning component
  • All for free

Many experts charge money for these types of guides but you get it for free here. So enjoy!

My hope is to continue populating this COURSES section over time. So if you have any suggestions for a new course let me know in the comments below!

For the newer readers... if you’ve just bought a new DJI Drone or are interested in learning more about how to fly them and get professional videos... You'll probably like our awesome new course: DJI Drones: How To Become The Ultimate Pilot - Fly with confidence, get professional videos, stay safe and get in the air quickly!

The benefits include: 1) How to get those silky smooth videos that everyone loves to watch, even if you're new 2) How to fly your drone, from taking off to the most advanced flight modes 3) Clear outlines of how to fly with step-by-step instructional demonstrations and more 4) Why flying indoors often results in new pilots crashing their drone 5) What other great 3rd party apps are out there to get the most out of your drone 6) A huge mistake many pilots make when storing their drone in the car and how to avoid it 7) How to do all of these things whilst flying safely and within your countries laws.




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