At 2PM on the 7th SpaceX launched the Boeing X-37B and once again completed autonomously landing of stage 1. Watching the landing still hasn’t gotten old even though this is their 26th time trying it. Of those 26 tries there’s been 6 unsuccessful attempts at landing, all of them on their drone ship. The last 12 attempts have all been successful.

Today’s mission to launch the semi-secret Boeing X-37B space plane gave an amazing view of the world and Florida as it gracefully fell to Earth. Words can’t do it justice, so I”ll just let YouTube take it away from here. Take three minutes out of your busy day, relax and watch some of the most complex machinery in human history land a 14 story high stage one rocket flawlessly.

More Space Adventures To Come

Here’s another photo of the actual launch event, more on Flickr. Later this month SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk is supposed to elaborate on his plans for sending people to Mars. It’s most likely this will be outlined on the 28th at the IAC.

Autonomously Landing

It’s been almost a full year since he presented his initial plan at last years IAC here. It should be quite the interesting follow up!

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