The last time I serviced my car it was a fantastic experience. Like always I hopped in the car and drove it to our mechanic. Then I left it there and walked back home. Luckily for us, we live about 200 meters down the road from our mechanic! Not everyone has it so easy though which is where Tesla Mobile Service Centers come in.

Tesla Mobile Service Centers


The Tesla Mobile Service Centers are vans that can fix around 80% of faults outside of a service center. This means they can meet you at home, at work or anywhere to help with a huge range of issues you might have.

They also save you a huge amount of time as they can do their work while you’re doing your own thing. You could be at work or just relaxing at home while they spend a few hours fixing the problem.

There’s no driving all the way to some random location. Then trying to figure out how you get back home without a car if the place doesn’t loan you one. They simply come to you, fix the fault and you barely even notice!

What Can Tesla Mobile Service Centers Fix?

Plugged In Model S

With over 350 vans they can fix a wide variety of issues. They have special vans for specific faults such as changing a burst or damaged wheel. They can also do quite major work like replacing your front seats.

All this results in you rarely having to haul your car to a service center which is fantastic. It also crucially means that there are less cars in Tesla’s service centers. This cuts down on wait times for customers who have far more serious issues. It also saves Tesla money as their service centers don’t have to be as big or as numerous.

As such it’s a win/win/win for everyone involved. Customers get far quicker and more convenient service. Tesla saves money on service centers and it’s a great benefit of owning a Tesla that differentiates the brand.

Future Expansions

Tesla Mobile Service Centers


Tesla is also quite committed to expanding the service. They’ve already added over 350 vans just this year and plan on increasing that even further. Globally their goal is to triple their service capacity.

Given how much sense mobile service centers make it’s expected to be a big part of the roll out. While I’m sure other car makers have similar services it seems like Tesla can fix far more types of faults. This is likely due to their overall servicing abilities like OTA updates, remote diagnostics and the fact that EV’s just require less maintenance.

Have you seen one of the Tesla Mobile Service Centers? Do you prefer this method rather than going to a location based service center? Let us know in the comments below!

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