Not long after specifying what the Mavic Pro II might look like we have some more of the latest – and clearest! – shots of what the DJI Phantom 5 will look like.

I want to be clear these are courtesy of OsitaLV once again as he seems to be very closely associated with internal DJI beta testers so all credit goes to him!

First up we have a look at what is likely the DJI Phantom 5 all wrapped up snug and tight.

Phantom 5

Source: @OsitaLV

It looks like the drone is sitting in one of their existing Multifunctional Backpacks that they already sell on the DJI store. If so it means the new Phantom 5 will be essentially the same size as the Phantom 4 which would make sense.

It would mean all previously bought bag type accessories would remain usable which is quite handy given how expensive they can be. Next we have a bit more of a grainy picture of it flying around and doing what drones do best.

Phantom 5 Flying

Source: @OsitaLV

As you can see, there’s a two toned grey look to it which I think looks great. It’s unclear if DJI will be moving completely away from the all white look that they have or if they’ll offer a white and grey version.

The one thing I will say though is that the grey look is quite hard to see when there’s overcast clouds as seen in the picture above. That being said the grey could be due to the body being an actual metal material instead of plastic so we’ll have to wait and see.

Detachable Lensing System

After that we have some absolutely fantastic photos – as far as leaks are concerned – of the camera gimbal and also the interchangeable camera lens.

You can see the big button that is used to unlock the lens and swap it out. The DJI Phantom 5 is expected to come with a number of different focal length lens’ from 15mm to 50mm.

Phantom 5 Camera 1

Source: @OsitaLV

Phantom 5 Camera 2

Source: @OsitaLV

Along with the new lens system we can also see all the other ultrasonics and object avoidance camera’s dotted around the unit.

It looks like DJI are quite far along in the testing as the product looks basically ready to launch. Hopefully it won’t be long before they announce it as it’s now been over a year since the Phantom 4 was announced.

So what do you think? Are you in the market for a new drone? Are you going to upgrade? Let us know in the comments below!

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