There’s a lot going on in the world of Tesla and especially CEO Elon Musk as of late. With the launch of the Model 3 he’s been answering random Twitter questions. This has given us even more information on the new car including that a dashcam for Model 3 is in the works.

Smart Air Suspension

First off the bat though is that the Smart Air Suspension option will be coming to the Model 3 next year. As mentioned it will be tied to the dual motor configuration although we don’t yet know if this means it’ll be included by default.

It may be an optional extra that you can add to either the RWD or AWD. Or it might be only for the AWD version which might disappoint some buyers.

360 Degree Dashcam For Model 3!!

Dashcam For Model 3

The base Model 3 with black paint and black 18″ Aero wheels

Next up we have a feature I’ve been personally looking forward to myself. The ability to use the cars many cameras to record dashcam style footage.

It’s not clear how much control or access the owners will get for this but it’s a great feature to have. Paired together with the fact that the car can be “always on” due to not having a traditional engine and it opens some interesting options.

The car could trigger the full 8 cameras to record if a bump or hit is detected. It could also then send a push notification to the owners Tesla app alerting them. They could then open the app and get live footage of what’s happening.

Given there’s full 360 degree camera coverage there’d be nowhere to run! It wouldn’t matter if they hit your side/front/rear, it’d all be captured.

Another possibility is for them to just record 24/7/365 to a storage device. Every 48 hours or more it would just write over the old files. Whichever way it gets implemented there’s many great possible advantages so it’s great Tesla are working on it.

More Superchargers!

supercharging cities announcement

For those in Mexico/America/Canada region it looks like Tesla are continuing to expand their Supercharger network to connect up all of Central America.

We knew Tesla were expanding their Sueprcharger and Destination Charger networks but it’s great to see they’re really filling out all the gaps now.

Facial Recognition For Your Car

Finally a rather interesting one is Facial recognition for your car. Unlike the other features I wouldn’t think we’ll see this one any time soon.

Tesla has a huge list of features and software upgrades in the pipe line. Everything from the dashcam feature mentioned above to low level kernel upgrades.

It’s interesting none the less to know that someday your car might be even more like your phone. Right now with the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 you can use fingerprint, iris scan, facial recognition and more to access it. So far the Model 3 has Bluetooth and NFC but obviously more is possible.

Which method do you think you’d use more? Or is the old fashioned key in lock your preference? Let us know in the comments below!

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