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This Weeks News!

MISC: Wait But Why Post!! – The Story of Us
Wait But Why

This is a special alert as WBW posts don’t come often… but when they do they’re awesome so go read this series now!

“As a writer and a generally thinky person, I’ve spent a lot of my life thinking about the society I live in, and societies in general. I’ve always imagined society as a kind of giant human—a living organism like each of us, only much bigger.”

COMPUTE: Leaked OnePlus 7T specs reveal Snapdragon 855+
Android Police

“According to the leaker, both the 7T and 7T Pro should launch on September 26th, at least in India. More importantly, the OnePlus 7T is said to feature Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855+ processor, 8GB of RAM, a 6.55-inch 2K Super AMOLED display, and a 3,800mAh battery. Two storage variants are mentioned, numbering 128 to 256GB.”

CRYPTO: A New Way to Host on the Sia Network

“tl;dr; Try out the awesome new UI just for Sia hosts”

MEDICINE: Common Protein Fights Alzheimer’s Disease
Leaf Science

“L-PGDS is a common protein, second only to albumin, in the human brain. It provides several critical functions, including regulation of processes and protection against further damage from ischemic strokes. It has been shown to be a molecular chaperone, preventing amyloid beta from forming the deadly aggregates associated with Alzheimer’s, and, perhaps most importantly, it has been shown to destroy aggregates that already exist. Not surprisingly, people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease lack adequate amounts of this critical protein.”

NANO: Engineers build advanced microprocessor out of carbon nanotubes

“After years of tackling numerous design and manufacturing challenges, MIT researchers have built a modern microprocessor from carbon nanotube transistors, which are widely seen as a faster, greener alternative to their traditional silicon counterparts.”

ROBOTICS: Double 3 telepresence robot debuts from Double Robotics
The Robot Report

“Unlike its predecessors, Double 3 does not use an Apple iPad, replacing it with a fully-integrated solution using the latest GPU technology in the Nvidia Jetson TX2, two Intel RealSense depth sensors, two high-resolution cameras, and a beam-forming microphone array. The new hardware is combined with a new click-to-drive interface, obstacle avoidance, and pan/tilt/zoom video to provide a fully-immersive remote experience to seasoned users as well as complete beginners, said the company on its blog.”

ROBOTICS: Strawberry picking robot maker Advanced Farm Technologies raises $7.5M
The Robot Report

“Advanced Farm Technologies (AFT), a Davis, Calif.-based startup founded in 2017, has raised $7.5 million in Series A funding for its strawberry picking robot. Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley (YMVSV), the business development and investment arm of Yamaha Motor, led the round. “

SPACE: SpaceX’s Starhopper Nails First Major Test
Alex Shoolman

“Today SpaceX launched and landed their prototype Starship spaceship called “Starhopper”. Taking off on a single Raptor engine it flew around 150 metres into the air, flew across to the nearby landing pad and then landed all without a hitch.”

TRANSPORT: Tesla launches its own insurance program

“Today, Tesla officially launched the product, called “Tesla Insurance,” starting with support for customers in California. The automaker says that it will expand to other markets in the future. In a blog post about launching the product, Tesla says that its rates are “as much as 30%” lower than the competition”

TRANSPORT: You’ll Take Your First Ride in a Flying Car Within a Decade
Singularity Hub

“Instead of shrinking helicopters or planes, the key has been scaling up multirotor drones. And now, the consumer drone market has become a laboratory and proving ground for the suite of technologies to make autonomous passenger drones a reality.”

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