Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) and the University of North Carolina have added a new twist to an existing drug. Using a skin patch with nanoparticles to help melt your fat away.

While it’s not as life saving as fighting cancer, the treatments is still remarkable. When I saw the video below it stuck me as an amazingly good use of existing technology. The overall effect has been shown to be quite promising too. On lab mice they saw a 20% reduction in fat in only 1 week!

Melt Your Fat Away

Source: Columbia Medicine

Mice treated with either of the two drugs had a 20 percent reduction in fat on the treated side compared to the untreated side.

How To Melt Your Fat Away

There are many promising drugs that currently promote turning white fat cells into brown fat cells. The existing delivery methods aren’t so good though. This new research encapsulates these drugs inside nanoparticles for later release.

The nanoparticles are then loaded into a centimeter-square skin patch containing dozens of microscopic needles. When applied to skin, the needles painlessly pierce the skin and gradually release the drug from nanoparticles into underlying tissue.

As the patch is put directly on the area of fat, it’s very targeted. It also avoids the drugs going into the rest of the body and causing side effects. Here’s a quick video of how it all works below.

As of yet, the patches haven’t been tested on humans. They are currently studying which drugs work best with the patch. It’s not hard to imagine a patch that quickly gets rid of those love handles on sale though!

The other side of this research is to help obese patients. Hopefully the approval process goes swiftly and we can all get access to some good old brown fat!

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