Along with releasing their new Urban Supercharger today, Tesla has given more details about their next round of Supercharger Expansion. The headlining current total on their website is a huge number:

951 Supercharger Stations with 6,550 Superchargers

Looking at the new maps it shows a smattering of new grey pins. Hundreds more Superchargers are now scheduled to be deployed all over the world greatly increasing where one can drive from/to.

America Supercharger Expansion

Starting out with America we can have a quick look at the before and after:

Supercharger Locations

2017/08/10 – North America Superchargers Plan (BEFORE)

Below you can see the “now” map with a huge expansion across Canada as well as more build out in the north east of America too.

Supercharger Expansion

2017/09/12 – North America Superchargers Plan (NOW)

Looking towards the bottom you will soon also be able to drive all the way down to Guatemala. According to Tesla’s goals, they want to have 18,000 Superchargers by the end of 2018. While the two American maps might look similar when zoomed out, it’s clear when you zoom in there’s more chargers densely packed now.

Europe Supercharger Expansion

Moving over to Europe, soon you’ll be able to drive from the top of Norway all the way down to the middle of Turkey using just Superchargers. If they add one or two more you could keep going all the way to Egypt!

Supercharger Expansion

2017/09/12 – Europe Superchargers Plan

Countries like Spain, Greece and Portugal also look like they’ll be getting heaps more infrastructure very soon which is great news too. If you own an earlier model Tesla that has access to the free, lifetime Supercharger scheme and live in Europe… you could have some amazing holidays!

Asia Supercharger Expansion

Heading down to my home country Australia we (along with Asia) get some great new routes too.

Supercharger Expansion

2017/09/12 – Asia Superchargers Plan

Before today, Tesla had 13 Supercharging stations listed in Australia with 8 “coming by the end of 2017”. Now they’re showing the same 13 locations as open, but have 23 “coming soon” locations listed!

If you want to take a closer look at Tesla’s maps just click here. So is your area now fully Supercharger covered? Let us know in the comments below!

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