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This Weeks News!

COMPUTE: The Attention Diet
Mark Manson

“In what should have been 20 minutes of work, I compulsively interrupted myself at least nine times. What’s more, the cost of these interruptions goes way beyond the added amount of time to finish this damn thing. They likely distracted my train of thought, reducing the quality of my writing, thus causing a need for more edits and revisions.”

CRYPTO: Is Bitcoin the Next Myspace?
The Wall Street Playboys

“Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Bitcoin. As the first cryptocurrency to truly scratch the surface of “going mainstream,” Bitcoin gained household recognition and entered most people’s minds at some point. Unfortunately, there’s a problem: Bitcoin’s adoption has stalled, and the barrier to its continued growth appears too tough to crack.”

ENERGY: Finally, Australia is about to have a plan to de-carbonise the grid
Renew Economy

“Over the past 10 years, there have been numerous studies showing Australia can reach 100 per cent renewables, including by AEMO itself. Those studies, however, looked at 100% renewables at a point in time. This new work by AEMO, part of the updated ISP to be finalised next year, is a plan on how to get there, or close enough, including the infrastructure, rule changes and investment required to ensure there is enough capacity, storage and modes of delivery to keep the lights on.”

ENERGY: Artificial tree promises to suck up as much air pollution as a small forest
Digital Trends

“Trees are nature’s way of cleaning the air, but they come with the downside of needing time in order to grow. A Mexican startup called Biomitech has a way around this, however. The company has developed an artificial tree that it claims is capable of sucking up the equivalent amount of air pollution as 368 living trees.”

MEDICINE: Inside China’s Play to Become the World’s CRISPR Superpower

“China is seeing an explosion in CRISPR-based animal studies and embracing the gene-editing technology with unrivaled zest and zeal—so much so that China could soon outpace the US in CRISPR-related research papers and patents across fields such as medical research, agriculture, and industrial applications.”

NANO: Nanocapsule reaches cancer that has spread to central nervous system in mice
Phys ORG

“Cancer that has spread to the central nervous system is notoriously difficult to treat. Now, UCLA researchers have developed a drug delivery system that breaks through the blood-brain barrier in order to reach and treat cancer that has spread to the central nervous system.”

ROBOTICS: New ‘frameless’ design for Skydio 2 drone shown in video

“Apart from the amazing autonomous flying ability, one of the standout features of the Skydio R1 drone was the frame around the propellers and body of the unmanned aircraft. A few of our readers had pointed out that the shadow of the new Skydio drone in the video that the drone startup recently released shows us the new “frameless” design of the Skydio 2.”

SPACE: SpaceX: Starship Mk1 ‘Almost Ready’ with Presentation Announced for August 24
Interesting Engineering

“Starship updates are coming thick and fast as SpaceX prepares for a new presentation this month detailing their progress with the Mars-bound rocket ship. One of these came from an Elon Musk tweet in which he suggested the orbital flight version of Starship could be ready around the time of the presentation.”

TRANSPORT: Make a noise: Australia to follow Europe and US with safety sounds for electric vehicles
The Driven

“New rules are being planned by the federal government that aim to reduce the chance of blind and vision-impaired people being struck by an electric or hybrid car. The new rules are expected to follow Europe’s UN Regulation 138 introduced in July, which requires all electric and hybrid vehicles be fitted with an acoustic vehicle alert systems (AVAS) to make a continuous noise of 56 decibels at certain speeds.”

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