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Alex Shoolman
I’ve helped people from across 178 countries pay off their mortgage in under 10 years with amazing results.

Hundreds of thousands have read my material to learn how to improve their life for the better. From discovering the latest key developments in Energy & Transport to learning how to automate your finances. I teach how you can take advantage of new technology as well as prepare for the future.

I know there are many choices in what you read out there, but most “experts” just copy/paste the news. They never really take the time to understand it and communicate what the implications of those new technologies will be. I created this site to help you not only learn about the latest advancements, but to also use that new technology to your advantage.

Why My Material Is So Powerful

I recently read a fascinating book. Inside it cited case after case for how automation has stolen jobs.

It listed Google, Apple and others making more profit whilst employing fewer people.

We all know automation is happening and it’s great to get news about it. But what can you do about it? How can you benefit? How can you plan your life so that it takes this into account?

And what about other new technologies out there? How can you use them to your advantage?

Fighting Against Technology Is Impossible

Unfortunately trying to ignore or fight technology advancement is like trying to walk on water. It’s no secret that industry after industry has been drastically changed over the past 10-20 years. They’ve all fought it and they’ve all lost.

So rather than just list out the news my material looks deeper inside to help you better understand the core technology. Then it guides you through how you can not only embrace this new change but use it to help you succeed.

As an example, currently the energy and transportation industries are undergoing a huge, fundamental shift. They’ve both had over a century of essentially unchanged technology turned on it’s head in the last decade. Solar, wind, batteries and electric vehicles promise an amazing transformation and you can learn how to benefit from it.

Many complain and worry about technology. I say bring it on! Teach me about the latest widget and show me how it can make my life better, safer, cheaper and easier.

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