“OK Google, stalk my wife”.

There’s a small feature most people are unaware of but that is incredibly useful. It’s something you’ve likely had on your phone for years but had no idea about until now. Previously it existed under the name “Google Latitude”. Now however it has thankfully been officially rolled into the Google Maps platform once and for all. I’m talking of course about Google Maps Location Sharing.

Source: Google

Sharing your location with Google is something many think is creepy. Due to this Google allows a considerable amount of control over its management. They’ve been exceedingly careful not to cross that creepy line. This is one of the reasons many don’t know about the feature as they seem to refrain from really promoting it at all.

How To Set It Up

To start you open Google Maps on your phone or PC and go to the “Share Location” setting in the menu. From here it walks you through who you’d like to share with and for how long.

Although it might sound odd to many, I have shared my precise location with essentially all my family and friends for years. It’s proven to be very handy and even fun on occasion. It does help a bit if you can convince your family and friends to share their location back with you too!

One of the main uses is to stalk my wife. I say stalk because that’s the word we all now use to describe Google Location Sharing. It seemed appropriate. It’s fantastic to know that she’s arrived home safely, that she’s currently at her parents place or that she’s only a few minutes from getting home if she’s driving.

Think about all the times you might ask your SO “what are you doing?“, “where are you?“, “what time are you getting home?” etc etc. Location Sharing does away with all of that and it’s the future.

It’s also a God send whenever you’re meeting up with friends as it’s no secret now that smartphones have made people flaky as fuck.

Yes, there’s always someone that’s late… or multiple someone’s… or issues when you don’t know whether to wait for them or not. Location Sharing certainly doesn’t stop the problem, but it does make it easier to manage. You can quickly see where Bob is when he’s running late, then decide to order without him or wait if he’s only 2 minutes away.

The Stalk My Wife Shortcut

One final tip is to setup a “Friends Location” widget if you’re checking up on someone often. This gives a single icon you can press and it then hooks deep into the Google Maps app. It centres in on that person’s location and makes sure it’s as up to date as possible.

Stalk My Wife

Simply add it by long pressing the home screen, choosing the Widget menu, choosing the “Friends Location” widget and then telling it which person to assign the shortcut to. Piece of cake.

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