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For many who likely have no idea who I am, you may know me better as the writer behind Mutilate The Mortgage,. A website that for many years has taught thousands of people how to pay off their mortgage.

Welcome from the writer of MTM

The home of MTM

The website has had fantastic results for many readers. It was created from the journey we took paying our own mortgage off in just over 6 years. After writing for years I now wish to expand the topics covered. Thus Alex Shoolman was born.

This more general, personal website will cover a more broader subject range than just mortgages. I will likely continue to drone on about committing 70% of your after tax income to your mortgage but alongside that I’ll be covering a number of new, exciting things.

Welcome To New Topics!

These new topics will range from Energy & Transport to strategic planning for the future. Some might be highly technical but the majority will be easier to digest yet informative. Covering new cutting edge technology but explaining it clearly.

Another major part of this new site will be about future advantages. How can you embrace these new changes to benefit from them? What changes can you make now to prepare yourself? I will  explain where technology is going, why and how to leverage it best.

So welcome to the new domain, the new website, the new blog and the future of all things me. I hope you enjoy the new range of topics and continue to enjoy my material. From learning about in depth, life changing trends. To making your life more efficient and enjoyable in the future. Welcome!

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